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exclusive pic shows: Pic shows: Tony Blair arrives today 13.1.15<br />
to give evidence about on-the-run letters<br />
He slipped in through a side door<br />
Tony Blair will give evidence today before a parliamentary committee investigating comfort letters sent to more than 200 IRA suspects in 2007.<br />
The letters were assurances to on-the-run IRA suspects telling them they were no longer wanted by the police.<br />
The former prime minister has made attempts to avoid being grilled over the letters in what has been called a "disgusting insult” to victims of terrorists.<br />
Mr Blair initially told the Northern Ireland select committee that he was too busy as the UN envoy to the Middle East to attend and that he had nothing new to say.<br />
He is only now appearing, nine months after first being asked, because the committee issued a parliamentary summons for him to attend.<br />
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Pic by Gavin Rodgers/Pixel 8000 Ltd