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Sikh New Year Celebs London - Vaisakhi Festival Trafalgar Square  - May Bank Holiday...Every May sees Trafalgar Square transformed into a colourful celebration to welcome in the Sikh New Year. The Vaisakhi Festival is truly a sight to behold with traditional and modern Asian music and dancing and an array of exotic culinary delights on offer. The official date for Vaisakhi is 13th April, but the 2012 Vaisakhi festival in Trafalgar Square will be held in May. Commemorating 300 years of the consecration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib as the eternal Guru, the Vaisakhi includes performances of music such as Shabad Kirtin (religious hymns), as well as modern dance music and DJs. In previous years crowds of 30,000 have attended the celebrations, which end with a final prayer for the good and well-being of the whole of humanity....Picture by Gavin Rodgers/ Pixel8000. 07917221968